Do Real Estate Agents Show Flat Fee MLS Listings?

Absolutely, yes!  When you list your home on the MLS with a flat fee MLS listing, buyer’s agents, ethically, are in a position to let their potential buyer know there is possibly a home now listed on the MLS that may be of interest to them.  Agents do cooperate with sellers who choose to sell by owner, though, with tens of thousands of agents, there are bound to be some that are less than professional.

Some agents complain that a home listed with the flat fee MLS model, means they will be doing all the work in the transaction. The fact is, most of the work of the buyer’s agent is done on front end showing the property.  With a flat fee MLS listing, YOU are showing the property in most cases. Yes, on the back end, sometimes a buyer’s agent may have to be a bit more diligent in the follow up process, but home sellers using a legitimate flat fee MLS listing service like MLS Listing Realtor are going to be educated consumers. works with the most professional agents and brokers that understand it is necessary to educate the flat fee MLS seller so they will be successful in selling their home themselves. Agents claiming that they are doing “double” the work is just simply ridiculous.

We suggest you offer the standard buyer’s agent commission, just like any other MLS listing out there.  If a buyer’s agent brings you a deal, they should get paid.  Just remember, by putting your home on the MLS, you are giving your home maximum exposure via the MLS, and the thousands of websites that your MLS listing will syndicate to on the web.  Somebody is going to inquire about your house for sale when you take advantage of the MLS.  BUT, if you could take advantage of that MLS exposure and internet syndication and sell it yourself without a buyer’s agent, then you have just paid the flat fee MLS listing cost and no Realtor commissions at all.  Isn’t it worth the effort, if it means possibly saving thousands of dollars?


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